(16v)should I sell my 20v? please help.

TT wfo16v at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 24 10:02:14 EDT 2002

If you're interested in a 16v, check out my site dedicated to the 91-92 16v GTI for details and


They are very cool cars. Unfortunately they're rare and usually have been "molested" by boy-racers.
My car may be up for sale if you're interested.

Take care,

> WAUFX at aol.com wrote:
> >
> > I've been looking at some VWs, and a 16v GTI  up to model year 1992 is
> > looking pretty darn good right now. 130 hp, 4 wheel discs, and cheap parts
> > (save for the ignition wire set and alternator).
> >
> > Opinions, heckling, and BTDT all appreciated. I would also like to hear about
> > anyone's experience with both 8v and 16v GTIs up to model year 1992.
> >

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