93 100csqw: water in driver footwell

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Mon Jun 24 14:36:51 EDT 2002

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> driver side footwell is wet. Passenger side is not
> you should have added "yet"
> Look below the heater blower/exchanger box under that plastic cover under
> the hood below the windshield. You will no doubt find that the drain in the
> bottom of that well is plugged. Wet leaves etc. If left unattended the
> water travels under the carpet to the right side, possibly deep enough to
> soak the ecu and also to the right rear footwell thus soaking the the power
> lock assmbly located there. You would not believe the various interesting
> phenonoma as an amazing variety of equipment relies on this.

Plunge it out with a long handled something (screwdriver works and you'll
hear the water go like a toilet flushing) and you will save yourself a
multitude of problems.

Anytime we get strange, unexpained, unrelated events happening, we look for a
wet power door lock computer or ecu and this is usually the cause.

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