Type 89 80 instrument cluster swap, wiper mechanism

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Mon Jun 24 22:04:47 EDT 2002

> Today I finally swapped my 80's instrument cluster (base-spec, huge clock
> instead of a tachometer) for the 'luxury version'.

> That is- the LCD clock is not illuminated. This is that same unit as on the
> type 44 fully electronic clusters. Does anyone know if that's easy to fix?

well, as I recall, and I think the Bentley will support me on this, the
clock is lit all the time, by one or two little bulbs just like the rest
of the cluster - except it uses some diodes to make it so they are full
on with the lights off (daytime), and run off the dimmer when the lights
are on.

The illumination is not part of the clock - the clock itself only has
12v and ground connections.

Huw Powell



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