Finally bought a digital camera

Todd Young auditodd at
Mon Jun 24 22:40:38 EDT 2002

My wife ordered a remanufactured Fuji digital camera.
So now I can take pictures of modifications and be able to send them out

Some of you will recognize me. I own a 1993 90S. While it is mostly
stock, I have done many repairs and some minor modifications.

-Autoloc keyless entry
-Sony 10 disc CD changer
-Magnacor spark plug wires
-3 inch preliminary air inlet (before filter)
-extra 12v power outlets in center console
-cooling holes drilled in top engine cover (very subtle)

I have also done many repairs to basic systems, including numerous small
light bulbs and LED that light up the many switches in the interior.
While I don't plan to tear apart the switches to take pictures, I'll be
sure to take any pictures of anything I tear into in the future.

Meanwhile, if anyone would like to see some of the modifications I've
listed above, drop me a line and I can send you some pics. It won't be
for a little while though, I still have to install the software to
download the pics from the camera, and time is short this week.

Oh, and I have a very BIG tip for those of you driving around with a
clunking noise from your front suspension. Check your sway bar end
links. Even if you have recently replaced them, check them again. I
replaced my end links last summer, and one side had somehow come loose
and was causing a very annoying clunking noise. Now that everything is
tightened back up, no more noise.

Todd Young
7079 Dawn Ave. E.
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

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