After-run on an NG engine.

David.Ullrich at David.Ullrich at
Tue Jun 25 09:51:48 EDT 2002

For the first time since I've owned my car, the after-run fan circuit on the CGT kicked in yesterday. I knew it worked from the tests suggested here, but it had never come on for me in the past. It was after a 45-minute drive at speeds of up to 85 MPH and the outside temps were about 95 degrees with high humidity. It's amazing just how infrequently it gets hot enough under hood on a CGT Special Build. I've considered moving the sensor to a hotter part of the engine bay to make it come on a bit more often to help with cooling. But does anybody think it is needed? When I shut her down on normal day, I heard that telltale "tinkle" sound as it cools down.


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