4kq tranny oil update

Brady Moffatt bradym at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 25 17:47:04 EDT 2002

Hi All,

Just changed the tranny/not rear diff oil. I used Redline MT90 for 1.9liters
($38.16CDN) and some leftover Redline MTL for the remaining 300ml. So I
guess I have MT87 or something. Anyways, it still whines a bit. I've only
driven 5km with it though. Only 1.5liters or so came out. I think it was
Mobil GL5.

How long does it take to quiet down (if it's going to)? I would imagine not

Finding that 17mm hex socket was tougher than I thought. Ended up buying it
at an industrial tool store ($20CDN!). Canadian Tire, Sears, Home Depot
didn't have anything bigger than 10mm.

All the oil went in with a nifty little fluid pump I bought years ago for
15$CDN. One hose in the Redline bottle, the other in the tranny. Pump away.
Works great.

Total cost: $58.16CDN. Not cheap, but worth it, I hope.

Besides, if I'd gone to a garage they would have charged me $20 labour.
Instead, I get to keep this cool socket for the same price.

Brady Moffatt
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
86 4ksq, 288,000km
86 4ksq, 208,000km parts car
72 Datsun 240Z, 180,000 miles
In early stages of quattrosis accumulatus

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