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Tue Jun 25 21:39:45 EDT 2002

I contacted a high school friend that's a head
technician at a local BMW dealer. He said he did
the exact same thing I was going to do on one of
his Bimmers.

We brought the car into the shop and evac'd the
system of freon. BTW, it was free of charge. He
said it's not really neccesary to evac all of
the freon. He showed me a book that describes
freon and 134 being mixable, so long as the oil
is compatable with both. So, I charged the
system with a few cans of 134w/sealer and oil.
Now, my outlet temps are in the ~45-49 degree
range, can stationary, in the sun, 86 degrees,
humid. So far, so good.

I would recommend getting a kit with the brass
fittings and a gauge. I used the ID ~$25 kit. It
has one 14 oz can, but comes with a hose with
brass fittings and a gauge. I bought the ~$35
kit at first that has the three cans, adapters,
and hose, but with plastic fittings on both
ends. No gauge. What a POS! It didn't seal to
the can right the first time, the second can
blew off. Anyway, I got one can in there and
noticed the improvement. In the morning, I
returned the kit with the explanation and
exchanged it for the lesser kit. I bought the
adapter for $1.99. Anyway, I have about 40 oz's
of 134 and have good results. It is, however
somewhat noticeable how to efficiency is lowered
compared to freon. Last time I charged a freon
car, I got temps about four degrees lower, and
less of a range in outlet temps. Whatever, I got
a/c and am very happy :)

If you have a target near you, the kit is the
cheapest there. $24.96. This is the blue and
white ID kit with one can, brass fittings and
can tap, and a pressure gauge. DON'T but the $35
kit because of the danger with the plastic
fittings. They didn't seal properly. The only
benefit of that kit is the adapters, but you can
buy 'em separately for like $2.

Lucky the mechanic I went to said he couldn't
recharge the system, despite my insisting that
the low pressure port is under the switch. The
guy said no. He did want to charge me $150. I
spent about $35

90 200tq

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