Need help decoding VIN

Thor Heglund jmakrl at
Wed Jun 26 17:25:04 EDT 2002

My friend called me after seeing a car at a junkyard.  From his description it
seems like it is a coupe quattro but there are a couple things I can't figure out
based on the VIN he told me.


The "d" should be the engine code if I understand things correctly, but I can't
find a reference to what type of engine the "d" indicates, I know what a, b, or c
would be.  He said it had "4000" and "quattro" badges on the rear and a "quattro"
badge on the grill.  The "85" should indicate that it is a coupe.  I don't think
it's a ur quattro because he said it didn't have a turbo or the flared fenders.
Could it be a canadian coupe quattro?  The junkyard is in California.  I wonder if
it is a coupe gt or something suffering from badge engineering.  I told him if he
goes back to look and see if there is a rear diff and/or a diff lock actuator on
the dash.


85 4kq

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