FI or ISV?

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Thu Jun 27 01:07:30 EDT 2002

i had that problem before.

if cleaning isv is no avail
check vacuum leaks, also air intake boot.
if all fails, then its injectors.

what car BTW.
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> Hey Listers--
> Just a preliminary question or two about a problem I
> have been having.
> Seems that there is a problem with my car upon starting,
> where the car will not hold idle @ 800-1000 RPM.
> Instead, it will linger around 650 or less. When I step
> on the accelerator it will rev and drive fine. However,
> at the next stop, when clutched, the car will return to
> the poor idle or even stall. This problem does not
> always happen (but its happening more and more---as in 1
> every 2 starts or so)and is NOT weather or temperature
> related (as far as I can tell). I have noticed that when
> the problem occurs, if I turn the ignition off and then
> restart, the car will idle correctly (almost as if
> it "resets" itself). Also in Stop and Go traffic the car
> will develop this problem even if originally(at the
> start of the trip) it was idling properly.
> I have replaced the ISV with a used one and there seems
> to be no major change in performance. Any other ideas?
> What else should I consider? FUel injection? yikes I
> hope not.
> Thanks in advance for all your valuable help
> --
> Blu
> '88 80q--185,000mi.

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