Koni questions

Zsolt Kovacs zsolt1 at telusplanet.net
Thu Jun 27 00:59:15 EDT 2002

I have been trying to locate H&R spings and Koni struts for my 88 5k tq.

I managed to find the Koni's but I am getting strange answers. A couple
of places said they are not available for this car, one said the parts
they are quoting are not the Koni reds nor the yellows, however another
shop said the same part number was the Koni reds.

Could someone help me identify them please.

The front ones are part# 862149 and the rear 802762. Are these correct?
Which Konis are these? The cost is about $800 CAN for the set. (US $500)

Regarding H&R it seems to be a bigger issue. Since Eibach is not
available any longer I don't have a lot of options, however the places
that quoted me are looking at about $ 500 CAN for the set of H&R. (
about US $ 310) Does this sound right?

Thanks in advance,

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