freeze 12&maxi cool any good?

Thu Jun 27 08:12:25 EDT 2002

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Go to (the Mopar site), go to Q&A, do a search for Freeze 12.
There is a lot of discussion there on Freeze 12. One guy sounds like a shill,
some report high rates of compressor failure. Since compressors fail for a
variety of resins and the data is not complete, I tend to discount it.
Purchase of Freeze 12 is supposed to require a license from EPA (the people
who gave us the fires in the Southwest). The license is available on the net
for $15.00. Still, it isn't like buying Russian freon, local Pep Boys didn't
ask for a license. They also wouldn't install it. In the end I went for 134,
I am not happy. There seems to be a lot of concern that Freeze 12 contains
propane. Well, if that concerns you, have a look at the contents of your gas
tank. All of that aside, there are reports of better operation. Although the
site is naturally Mopar, there are 5700 members and a lot of good technical
info. Authoritative response can be expected in less than 1/2 hour. Aside
from my Audis, I have a few big block Dodges. I think of some of the sounds
that come from my barn as "American Thunder". - Tom Faust

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