[s-cars] RS6 vs M5

Mike Veglia msvphoto at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 27 11:37:29 EDT 2002

In a message dated 6/27/2002 Scott J writes:

<< The lap times at Nuremburg of the non M version are enough to stir up the
fanatics of any marque. >>

I was under the impression those lap times (posted by Hans Stuck) in the
"non M version" X5 were in a specially modified version that used the V12LMR
Le Mans car V12 engine? Under that scenario I would assume an R8 power plant
would then be fair game. A race engine, which by the way, is able to go 10k
km between teardowns (a previously unheard of length of time at that level).

Why not take it to the highest levels. BMW got spanked, badly, by Audi at
the top level of sportscar competition and ran off to F1 with their tail
between their legs. At the SPEED GT level if you want to win, you best have
a supercharged NSX, an S4 competition, or a lot of luck these days. In DTM
the Abt TT seems to be the class of the field now. In SPEED Touring BMW is
pretty competitive (against the likes of Acura Integras), I'll grant you
that. In F1 the Williams-BMW has shown occasional signs of greatness, but
reliability issues continue to plague the team.

Meanwhile Audi marches on as being one of the most dominant constructors in
motorsport history--in everything Audi has ever run in they not only won,
but have done so in a dominant fashion.

Agreed, though, the X5 is an impressive machine--I did have to let one pass
me on the windy coast highway here called Highway 1, but then I was in my
wife's ovloV 850 turbo wagon which handles like a pig (and she was in the
passenger's seat). But, I just have a feeling that the Porsche developed VAG
SUV with an R8 engine stuffed in it could fly around the old 'ring too ;-)

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