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Mike, you need to check out this month's issue of Sport Compact Car, they have a great article about weight saving measures, and are actually able to take a stock Nissan Sentra from something like 17 sec. down to about 14.5, just by reducing the car's weight - driver not included tho'  =)


>NEWSFLASH - In what some industry insiders are calling a bold "Really
>thinking outside the box...."  move, Audi has just announced its ultimate
>weight saving strategy for its next generation of Audi ultra performance "S"
>and RS series cars ~ Audi will remove the driver for an estimated average
>savings of at least 150 to 200 lbs per car.  Removal of the driver will
>allows deletion of other, weight sapping frivolous amenities such as the
>steering wheel, seats etc which could subtract at least another 500 to 600
>lbs of weight from the vehicles.
>"We see this is a logical extension of our recent moves to eliminate the
>manual transmission in the cars" said a spokesperson who asked not to be
>identified.  "You get ride of that manual transmission, and pretty soon you
>can start clearing all sorts of useless weight out of the vehicles."  With
>the substitution of a 4 or 5lbs blue tooth remote access drive by wire kit,
>Audi hopes to shave another 800+ lbs off it vehicles which will give it an
>insurmountable lead over former nemesis & perennial "Bench mark, against
>which all others are measured, and found wanting," BMW.
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>~>Here is what I propose for the next S-car:
>~>-A4 chassis, light weight, reduce interior weight by removing power
>~>features and using lighter materials and less sound dampening (hell,
>~>the Supra used hollow fibers in the carpet to reduce weight), climate
>~>control and stereo optional.

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