Fw: Ebay Threats?? NAC...sorry

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Fri Jun 28 03:33:49 EDT 2002

> out..... On the other hand, if the buyer is stupid enough to buy the same
> brakes he already has on his car when you supplied pictures, well, maybe he
> deserves to get screwed.

I hate to wander back in here, but I will anyway...

ebay is very much the "caveat emporium" (sorry, a joke a friend came up
with in 5th grade!).

Sellers do what they will, buyers beware.

BUT there is the feedback factor.  A corrupt or jerk seller will not do
very well as the nasty comments pile up, no matter what their defense.

I once bought a set of "OEM" foglights for my coupe, the ones with the
little foxes on them, and mounting plates.  instead of the proper OEM
fog light switch, a real bonus part, there was just a cheesy flip

I paid about $120 for them.  I asked the seller nicely about the switch
I thought would be in there - and *before* I got his email reply, i got
a notification that he had refunded $50 to my paypal account... whic is
about what I paid eventually for the right switch.

That guy is a successful seller, and knows how to keep people happy (he
also offered me a full refund right away, as I recall).

Huw Powell



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