Audi/VW I-5 Engine rebuild TOOL list - What I'd need?

gerard gerard at
Sun Jun 30 18:23:10 EDT 2002

> 4       2079    wrench ext for vib damper       127.90  1

Not so sure about this item. I have a brand new 540Nm torque wrench I
got from some auctioneer and it cost me $40 (in today's currency
conversion rates). It's a 3/4" drive and I got a new 27mm 3/4" drive
impact socket last week and tightened the bolt up this weekend. Scary. I
didn't use the extension as I think that's a torque multiplier.

This raises the question as to the what the correct torque is for the
nut if the extension isn't used. I've seen it mentioned on the list
before that one should go up to around 400Nm if the extension isn't
used. I have mine on at 350Nm, so not sure if I should go tighter.

> 7       2084    vib damper locking tool         87.60   1

I had mine made up by a local toolmaker. I have the diagrams I got from
a fellow list member, but I didn't have the arm on the tool angled, so
it means sliding the rubber stop forward on the torque arm. Otherwise it
worked a treat. Cost was a fraction of the $87.60 you mention.


> 10      3034    idler pulley puller             66.80   1

I assume this is the roller on the oil pump which guides the timing
belt. The very same thing I had problems with a week or 2 ago. You don't
need the tool. Get a long-ish M8 standard thread bolt and fit it into
the pulley hole. Then either use a spanner/wrench or, my favourite, the
holder/handle of a tap set. Put the bolt through the wrench, then into
the pulley, and then use the wrench/handle as a sliding hammer and the
bolt head as a stop. Try and hit the bolt as straight as possible. Cost
of bolt is something like $0.20.

> 19      vw 544  cam gear puller                 46.50   0

I managed to get this item on loan from the VW/Audi dealership
(Motorport). See for the
tip of the tool. See also for
another good method to holding the cam still. This worked for removal,
the huge allen key then gets place on the opposite side of the wheel
during tightening.

The use of a big flat-blade screwdriver is also suggested, but this
didn't work so well for me resulting in a slip and a huge band being
heard when the cam rotated (valve to piston). :(


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