87 5Ktqw Radiator Fan - again

Steve Sherman spsherm at attglobal.net
Sun Jun 30 21:57:31 EDT 2002

Thanks for the replies to my previous Q.

The fan runs when the relays are shorted out, and when a jumper is
placed on the right terminals of the connector that goes to the rad temp
sensor. So the relays and fan wiring are OK.  I guess the only question
I have left is, is that rad sensor working right?

As I recall, with the old rad and sensor, the fan would come on with the
engine running and the dash temp gauge just a bit over the 1/2 way
mark.  With the new rad and sensor the fan does not come on until the
dash temp guage is up to the first dot before the 3/4 mark.  Quite a

Does this sound right?  Did my old system just run the fan sooner?  I'd
appreciate hearing from some others who might have paid close attention
to the fan start points, where on the dash temp gauge does your fan
start working....


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