windshield washer pump replacement procedure?

nde264 at nde264 at
Fri Mar 1 09:25:25 EST 2002

The windshield washer pump on my 89 90q has died.  I have checked the archives
regarding replacement, and see that the check valve between the pump and the
nozzles clogs sometimes and prevents flow.  However, when I pull the switch to
wash the windshield, there is no noise from the pump, and no flow.  If I turn
on the lights, though, I can get the headlight washer pump to run and clean the
headlights.  I have a new pump, and now I'm trying to determine the method to
replace it.

How do I get to the pump to replace it (I'll check/clean/remove the check valve
as well)?  The filler cap/hose looks as if it goes into the body away from the
engine compartment.  Do I need to remove the hydraulic fluid reservoir to get
at the washer fluid reservoir?

Also, is anyone from the Chicago/Milwaukee area going to be racing at the rally
listed on this Sunday?  I'd like to go, but can't find any
friends that want to help me to suck some life out of my car.


Nathan Engelbert

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