Connecting rod replacement, balance?

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Fri Mar 1 12:50:21 EST 2002

I just picked up my crank and bearings from the
machine shop, and plan on replacing the rod that had a
spun bearing in my MC-2, with one from my MC motor.
All this talk about balancing has me concerned, should
I have just the replacemnet balanced, the whole
assembly, or replace all the rods with the ones from
my MC?  Better yet, can I get away with no balancing
at all?

On a side note, the shop had to straighten my crank a
little.  Apperantly it was off by 10 thou. or so.  I
used the blot in the flywheel method to get the crank
bolt off.  I hope that wasn't the cause.  Hmm.  Have
fun in the snow all you Colorado listers!  I sure wish
I had my quattro right now.


Jim Green
'89 90tq EFI

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