RE. intercooler seepage

Ben Swann bswann at
Sat Mar 2 21:49:53 EST 2002

[I recall seeing some posts about resealing an intercooler that has signs
oil leaking around it, but I'm not comfortable with taking apart my IC
unless I have a good idea what to do.My IC has a little oil at the inner
bottom right hand corner (viewed from under car). Do I need to get new
gaskets? I've never had the IC off nor seen the inside of one.
'86 5ktq]

Peel back the tabs holding the side on.  Remove the side.  Remove the
rubber seal and clean everything thouroughly with Isopropyl alcohol.

Use aviation/marine or permatex gasket sealant.  The kind that stays liquid
- black gooey stuff that you brush on.  Apply goo liberally to seal and all
seal surfaces.

Refit carefully, being sure gasket stays put while replacing the end cap.

Fold the tabs back down evenly and uniformly - same principal as torquing
down a head gasket.

Then hammer the tabs down even tighter to reform the original clamping.

Strap the intercooler for good measure - long hose clamps are good.  I have
some stainless steel clamps - 2 - 24" If you can't locate them.


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