Buzzing under back seat Type 44

SIMON HOLTBY sholtby at
Sun Mar 3 17:21:29 EST 2002


Try removing the fuel pump relay and put a wire link in its place so
that the fuel pump will run continually with the ignition on but
engine not running. This should confirm if the noise is from the fuel
pump. If you dont want to use a wirelink just swop the FP relay with
its extra ignition sensing pin for a standard relay that is doing
nothing important in the fusebox.
A fuel pressure gague would confirm a faulty fuel pump. My only other
thought is that the fuel filter could be clogged up.


 > Ever since I bought my 87 5KCSQ there has been a low buzzing under
> the back seat (outside car).
> What is causing that?  Is it the fuel pump?  Should it making that
> much noise?
> Reason I ask is that for the third time in a week that buzzing
> sound changed pitch (got higher and MUCH louder) and then the car
> started running really rough, like it was starved for gas.  If I
> turn the car off and back on, it runs fine...  Do I need to replace
> my fuel pump??
> Thanks for the help
> Adam
> Olympia, WA
> 87 5KCSQ
> 238,000 and climbing

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