flywheel teeth counting (Re: measuring hall output)

auditude at auditude at
Sun Mar 3 21:36:24 EST 2002

I get it now. :-)  Makes sense, thanks.


On 3 Mar 2002, at 20:30, Orin Eman wrote:
> >
> > If that pin is at 62btdc, then how come I can't come up with any
> > math that will make 35 teeth equal 62 degrees?  Is the zero
> > stamping not TDC?
> The zero will be at the reference in the window in the bellhousing
> at TDC cyl 1.  The timing pin will be at the timing sensor 62 deg BTDC
> cyl 1.  These are two different places on the bellhousing, so you cannot
> make any assumptions about the number of teeth between the zero
> and the timing pin.
> Orin.

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