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Tue Mar 5 09:11:03 EST 2002

> > Questions were being asked here DURING the incident - like "What in hell
> > Barrichelloo up
> > to?"
> >
> > Words hardly spoken before Ralf was launched.  He's being charitable to
> > - he changed
> > direction THREE times at least.
> You've never raced...It Is ALWAYS the overtaking cars responsibility  to
> it safely.  Ralf cocked up, Ralf got it wrong, Not Rubens. 18 years of Pro
> racing and 16 years of Pro instruction makes me the qualified observer

Actually, unless you know the F-1 rules, it doesn't matter how many years
you have raced! There are rules against what Rubens did. You are allowed to
change direction to defend your position *once* and once only - and then
again once to take your racing line for the corner.

Rubens, as mentioned, swerved *at least* 3 times - that's once too many! He
darted across Michael's bow, then back to block Ralf, then back to the
right, then the last terminal swerve in front of Ralf again. That makes 4
doesn't it?

Anyone have it on tape to verify this? The best view is from the driver's

Michael Riebs
Grand Rapids, MI
'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA

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