While I'm at it...

Marc Swanson mswanson at mswanson.com
Tue Mar 5 09:13:34 EST 2002

> In the near future my Coupe GT with the 2.3 NG engine will be due for
> timing belt and water pump changes. So, while I'm at it I thought it might
> be a good time for new hydraulic lifters (to reduce ticking). Does this
> make good sense?

You don't have to take the cam cover off to do a TB/WP job, but while you are
in there doing lifters certainly makes sense.  Pretty easy job really.

> Also is there anything else that should be done at the
> same time while I'm at it?

cam and crank seals, idler roller, and accessory belts aren't a bad idea.  If
you do the lifters don't forget a new cam cover seal.

> I was thinking of installing a new cam. But does
> it really make much difference in the NG?

doubt it.  On the 4kq there is certainly room for improvement up high in the
rev range but on the 2.3 I think the gains would be minimal.  no BTDT here so
someone elses view might have more weight than mine......

> Is it worth it? Any experience
> with the BLAUSport cams? Any other things that should be done at this
> point?

well, depending on how your oil consumption is if you've got the cam out you
could go for valve guides too.  I didn't bother on my 90q since it doesn't
burn any oil but it is another "while you're at it" type of job with the cam

Hope that helps

87 4ktq
88 90q

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