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Ben Swann bswann at
Tue Mar 5 12:45:28 EST 2002

[In the near future my Coupe GT with the 2.3 NG engine will be due for
g belt and water pump changes. So, while I'm at it I thought it might be a
good time for new hydraulic lifters (to reduce ticking). Does this make
d sense? Also is there anything else that should be done at the same time
hile I'm at it? I was thinking of installing a new cam. But does it really
make much difference in the NG? Is it worth it? Any experience with the
USport cams? Any other things that should be done at this point? Oh, the
r will be around 120,000 miles at the time...

1987 Coupe GT Special Build
1998 VW Passat GLS (For Sale)]

I'm a big "while I'm at it" fan.  BTDT on the NG motor which is soon to go
into the '85 4000Q.

You can port & polish and match manifolds, add 270 Cam and heavy duty valve
springs, and do valve seals.  Gain around 15HP.  Yes a lot of work for the
gain.  I dont know if I'd do it again, but perhaps that is because I now
have 2 extra turbos to play with.  It seemed worth it at the time, as I
would be gaining 15HP without any engine work, and around  another 15 with
modifications for about a 25% increase in power.  Oh, I guess I need
tomention the Stebro exhaust coupled with 4kq manifold helps improve these
numbers, and  sounds great even with current motor.

If you just want a refresh, don't spend too much on P&P,  but cleanup
casting irregularities, and match the manifolds.  The cam and springs will
be nice + seals, since if you are like me, you dont want to do this again.
 Of course the P&P requires pulling the head.  You can do just the seals,
springs, cam & lifters without pulling the head.

I am going through some of the same effort with my MC1 refresh, and am even
doing the bottom end and clutch.  This is because I definately don't want
to pull the MC engine again - far more work than the NA.

I don't know about Blau cam, but if I recall they had a nice package
consisting of 270 grind and springs, all for around $300.  If tru, then
that's not bad, as after all was said and done, that is about what mine
came to, and I had to find a solid lifter cam, and I waited a long time for

I have many more details to add, but some writeup on all of this:

see stuff on Project GTQ and info on finding correct cam grind.

Hope this helps you make a decision.  It is ironic, I have probably spent
more time and money working on stuff that isn't even in the car yet than I
actually have on the car.  Same for the '87 TQAvant.


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