Sandblasting is sweet!

Douglas Frank frank at
Tue Mar 5 14:30:02 EST 2002

Steve Sears wrote:
> The galvanized coating?
> 4) Be careful not to get carried away blasting - not only can the sand erode
> the metal, but it can also stretch it (although not as much a concern in the
> engine bay as with, say, the hood)
> Oh, you may also want to take it easy on the VIN stamped into the firewall,
> you could make it hard to see after the paint goes on.
> Now if it was a galvanized Audi, state the following with an accompanying
> slap to the forehead (a la Homer) "DOH!!!!"

This'd all be a function of the media, wouldn't it?  How about the
crushed glass stuff?-- should be gentler.

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