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Gerald Penyweit jeri408 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 5 19:52:18 EST 2002

I own a 86 Audi 5000 TQ. Bosch made a 2 prong plug that was considered
by some to be a racing plug for the 2.2L 5 cyc engine. I do not know
how well these plugs will hold up in the 2.2L Turbo engine used in this
model. I visited Bosch home page the other day, and noticed that they
make a 2-pronged platinum(double-coated) plug for the older
Audis(assumption) since a querying their database did not give any results.

My question is does anyone have the part number for the older 2-prong
copper core Bosch plug? Does the newer 2-prong platinum plug work better
now? How about the Bosch platinum +4. Is it a reliable and durable plug
for this make and model of Audi? What is the recommended plug these days
for a 86 Audi 5000TQ?  I am sure this has been discussed many times here. If
there is a thread somewhere, a pointer would be greatly appreciated also.

Thanks a bundle!


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