Specialty Tool Source for Audi/VW

George Butler gwbutler at net1plus.com
Wed Mar 6 18:35:15 EST 2002

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Hello all,

I know this is probably "old hat" info for seasoned Audi wrenches...but I t=
hought I'd pass it along.  One of the guys at work (944 owner/racer...Limer=
ock actually) gave me a couple of good sources for those pesky Audi/VW  spe=
cialty tools...like tool #3048, the gearshift centering tool I've been look=
ing for.  I just received a catalog (Zelenda) in the mail today.  A tad pri=
cey...but hey...at least I know where to get the tools we need.

Have fun...try to keep the drooling to a minimum.


George B.

Here you go...


P=2ES. Be sure to send for the Zelenda catalog...it has substantially more =
"stuff" than the website.  -GB

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