Looking for the supreme spark plug

george mills gamills at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 6 19:40:25 EST 2002

Interesting how some of us are just lucky goofs...and some...are not.
There was a free-fall parachutist who did the ultimate free-fall here
in Halifax about 15 years ago. Primary chute got tangled up, secondary
went the same way, and he ended up bouncing off a roof, into a tree
and onto the ground in someone's back yard. Lots of broken bones but
he was still conscious and lived to tell about it. Turns out he was a
painter by trade and was moving a scaffold around ten years later and
grounded himself out on 12.5kv with lots of amps. Seems he used eight
of nine lives up the first time. At this point in time I think I'm
past nine...maybe 12:30 or so :)

As for the supreme sparker...well...just use your own good judgement
and if you're not sure, use what's recommended in the owner's manual.

Best regards,

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