Buying a new S4

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Mar 6 21:44:53 EST 2002

At 8:23 PM -0500 3/6/02, TM wrote:

>I'd think cost on an S4 Avant is lower than $38k- don't they sticker for
>about $42k?

Fully loaded, yep.  Invoice is around 38k I think, for a 14%
profit...pretty standard, I think.  Advice given to me was that high
volume dealerships(like, Ford/Chevy/etc) would usually take as low as
3% if you simply walked in the door and slapped a piece of paper down
in front of them with the details of your offer and said "I want a
car!"...obviously for lower-volume, luxury brands its a little
higher, I think the advice was that for places like Audi dealerships,
the figure was more like 5-6%?

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