Motronic Injector cleaning

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Thu Mar 7 10:49:24 EST 2002

At 8:48 AM -0500 3/7/02, JanDebL at wrote:
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>I know of several shops which use the Bosch hand pump for cleaning CIS
>injectors but none of them have an adapter for the Motronic injectors.
>Has anyone out there developed a tool or system for cleaning these injectors?
>  At first glance, it looks like a spare fuel pump, a hose and some adapters
>is all that's needed.  Any BTDT before I dive in?
>TIA, Jan Lahtonen

For about $24 per injector, you can ship them out to a company like
Marren Motorsport in CT and they'll do all the cleaning and
benchmarking for you.  Several listers have used their service and
been pleased with the results.  Return shipping is not included, near
as I can tell.

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