90 A80Q broken Rear Defrost switch

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Thu Mar 7 23:49:43 EST 2002

> I have a broken rear-defrost switch (it
> moves very hard and does not retun back)
> (1) Can anyone suggest a place to get a (used)
> replacement?

junkyards, dealer (like I'm really contributing there...)

> (2) How hard it is to take it off? I don't have
> a Bentley...

pry outwards on the switch button.  It will probably pop off the switch
body.  Then grab the edge of the switch body with a needle nose pliers
and tug it outwards, it will pop out of it's moorings.  Pull hard to
separate it from it's connector plug thing.

You might want to try cleaning it at that point and seeing if you can
get it to work again.  All my "push-push" dash switches were flaky when
I got my 90Q, and they responded well to cleaning.  The rear fog one is
still a bit so-so, but it almost never gets used and that does not help

Huw Powell



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