Land Rover does the Mini Ute

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Mar 8 16:56:32 EST 2002

So I'm driving through Auburndale with a friend and he notices a land
rover on the other side.  "Bleeeech."

"What was it?"

"It said Land Rover on the hood, and it was ass-ugly."

I look in the back mirror quickly, see what looks like a RAV4 from
the back, save that the driver hits the brakes and I see 2 sets of
lights a la Discovery.

Hmm.  Odd.  Must be a new model.

So I drop him off, and I'm on my way back.  I'm entering Auburndale
and see another.  He's right, blech.  Hmm, must have been at the

I round the corner.  There's another.

Waaaaaaiiit a sec.  This smells of a PR stunt.

Sure enough, there's a third.

The fourth is pulled into the gas station, surrounded by studio
lights, some 18 year old ditzy blond in it, talking to what has to be
the cleanest-shaven, best-dressed gas attendant I've ever seen set
foot on the place in maybe 10 years(ie, actor, duh.)  The place is
totally empty save these yutzes.

The sad thing is that you could take a RAV4, slap 10 cent letters
from the local hardware store on the hood, and add a pair of brake
lights on the back, and presto!  New Land Rover Mini Ute.

Bleeeech.  Why can't they make more Defenders* or something?

*preferably with the you-know-who-in-passenger-seat option
"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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