Land Rover does the Mini Ute

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Fri Mar 8 23:06:39 EST 2002

If I _had_ to drive a Landrover in a city its the one that I'd choose. Like
99.9% of owners I'd not take it anywhere near the countryside.


Jim Haseltine

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> So I'm driving through Auburndale with a friend and he notices a land
> rover on the other side.  "Bleeeech."
> "What was it?"
> "It said Land Rover on the hood, and it was ass-ugly."
> I look in the back mirror quickly, see what looks like a RAV4 from
> the back, save that the driver hits the brakes and I see 2 sets of
> lights a la Discovery.
> Hmm.  Odd.  Must be a new model.
> So I drop him off, and I'm on my way back.  I'm entering Auburndale
> and see another.  He's right, blech.  Hmm, must have been at the
> supermarket.
> I round the corner.  There's another.
> Waaaaaaiiit a sec.  This smells of a PR stunt.
> Sure enough, there's a third.
> The fourth is pulled into the gas station, surrounded by studio
> lights, some 18 year old ditzy blond in it, talking to what has to be
> the cleanest-shaven, best-dressed gas attendant I've ever seen set
> foot on the place in maybe 10 years(ie, actor, duh.)  The place is
> totally empty save these yutzes.
> The sad thing is that you could take a RAV4, slap 10 cent letters
> from the local hardware store on the hood, and add a pair of brake
> lights on the back, and presto!  New Land Rover Mini Ute.
> Bleeeech.  Why can't they make more Defenders* or something?
> Brett
> *preferably with the you-know-who-in-passenger-seat option
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