Toasted Headlight plugs

Jim Haseltine Jim at
Fri Mar 8 23:22:00 EST 2002

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> > My headlight plugs are burnt up at the connector of the brown wire. This
> > happens on both headlights. I'm pretty sure this wire is the ground,
> It is...
> > but where does it go? I've tried visually tracing it but that didn't go
so well.
> I bet it didn't.
> Get some relays, some wire, and some new headlight sockets with
> pigtails, and connect those grounds to some nice solid sheet metal
> nearby instead of three miles of harness to some mystery location.

On an Ur-q the mystery location is all the way back into the passenger
compartment. Ground point is on the front left 'A' post, just below the


Jim Haseltine

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