HELP ASAP! (4kq oil lines)

Aaron Sherrick amsk at
Sat Mar 9 20:47:29 EST 2002

Take a look at the following pictures:

Look at the horizontal arrowed rubber fitting (best seen in pic2).
Where does the long, thin rubber end go (it's pointed up right now)?  It
can be rotated 360 degrees.  This end is part of the rubber fitting that
plugs into the oil return line, into the valve case, some other oil
line, and also holds the idle stabilizer (I think that's what it is).  I
don't see what, if anything, it attaches to.

Look at the vertical arrowed item.  I found this buried under a bunch of
things.  It's some kind of electrical part that looks like it should
mount to something (possibly to be grounded).  In pic1 you see the
bottom and in pic2 you see the top.

Thanks in advance!

'86 4kq

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