Suggestions for broken bleed nipple on rear caliper, if you please

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Mar 10 11:34:47 EST 2002

I've had good and bad results drilling out a broken off bleeder.  One
thing, the bleeder has a nice centering hole for a drill bit  :~).  I think
I'd look for some of those left-hand drilling bits.  Maybe running a couple
of them in would loosen/remove the bleeder.

At 09:46 AM 03/10/2002 -0500, Carl and Dawn wrote:

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>Hi all,
>Well, I got a rear caliper rebuild kit and did the passenger side
>yesterday without any issues.  I did the drivers side this morning and
>after I got it all back together, I broke the bleed nipple, that baby was
>siezed in there.  Is a new caliper in order or can they be saved after a
>nipple is broken in there.  It is a shame because it now has all new seals
>and boots.

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