A Wonderful Audi

RubEric at aol.com RubEric at aol.com
Mon Mar 11 11:13:34 EST 2002


I have a car surplus to my needs that may be of interest to you.  It is not
within your specification and on the opposite coast but I would like to tell
you about it anyway.

The car is a 1984 Olympic Special.

In 1984 Audi built 90 of these cars to commemorate the 1984 Olympics. It is a
5000 FWD Turbo with special features.  These features include pearlescent
paint, full leather interior with removeable headrest cushions that fit into
the 'loops', rear sunscreen, ten speaker radio, euro (?) headlights, ski bag
and a dash placque.  I have owned the car since new.

This has been the best car I have ever owned and I have enjoyed every minute
behind its wheel.  I have an S6, but enjoy the Olympic more. The car is in
excellent condition,  never been in an accicent and the body is as new. The
paint is excellent except for a few stone nicks, one door edge nick and a
small spot of concrete (!) stuck to the roof. The only sign of age externally
is that the bumpers are turning from black to grey.

The interior is similarly excellent. Never any kids in the car, it is almost
as new.  Only the driver's seat shows a bit of wear.

The car has about 175 k miles.  It  does have an auto transmission,  rebult
last year because of leaks. No hard parts replaced, only gaskets and seals.
Master brake cylinder and one PS hose recently replaced, good tires. The
sunroof does not work correctly and I have given up on that. Radiator, heater
core, heater fan, ps pump replaced in the last two years. I have had a few
minor electrical problems with the car but almost all of them were caused by
corroded electrical connections.  Timing belt, etc up to date.  I have all
the service history/records, a Bentley and timing belt tools.

The car is remarkably well assembled and reliable.  Someone once speculated
that these 90 cars, all built at the same time, went down the assembly line
at half speed and thus received exceptional care when constructed.
Certainly, Audi's fortunes were ascending in the US in 1984. These were the
top of the line and I think Audi saw them as an opportunity to make an
important statement.

This is a cherished car, always garaged, or covered.  I made a feeble attempt
to sell it but have made the mistake of allowing myself to become too
attached to it.  I think this beautiful  car has another 15 years of service
left in it but it needs to go to an Audi enthusiast who will appreciate it
and know how to care for it.

This may not be the car in which you are interested, but are the type of
person to whom I think it should go.  Unless you would like to have my S6.


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