Condensation in the engine?

Darek Jarski darek_jarski at
Mon Mar 11 13:07:01 EST 2002

I did one (oil change) recently (300-400 miles ago) and the oil looked
clean. The problem seemed to show up after the oil change but most likely
due to change in climate from Seattle winter (40 degrees or so) to Spokane
winter (below 32 degrees). You are in fact correct. It was recommended that
next time I do an oil change I get oil nice and hot, then drain.


>From: Brian Devlin <bdevlin at>
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>Subject: Re: Condensation in the engine?
>Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 12:53:49 -0800
>How about an oil change?
>>I am a rookie Audi owner facing a possible problem. Recently I purchased a
>>1989 Audi 200tq with the later engine (MC). The car has about 185K on it
>>is in fairly good shape. However, I recently started to see a bit of while
>>stuff on the oil cap and high on the dip stick (about where the dip stick
>>guide meets the crank case). It is not chucky just a bit of white haze on
>>the dip stick and somewhat thicker stuff on the oil cap. The car has not
>>been driven much in the last few months and I live in a cold climate (its
>>been below freezing the last few weeks so condensation is likely to form).
>>I've talked to three places (one of them a very reputable german car shop)
>>and they said that these engines have a moisture problem. I am not gaining
>>oil level (by the way the oil itself looks clean - no white stuff); I am
>>losing coolant so far as I can tell; I see no evidence of oil in the
>>coolant; I took head temperature (with a laser temp sensor) and it is even
>>on different parts of the head and seems to be within limits; I seem to be
>>getting full boost (1.3bar). All seems normal and the shops seem to be
>>but just to calm my nerves I would like to ask this question. Has any one
>>else encountered this (white stuff)? Is this normal for these engines if
>>driven much and in cold climate? I am concerned about possible blown head
>>gasket or worse (cracked head or block). Sorry for the long queston! I
>>appreciate your thoughts.
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