Aluminium wheels-slow air leak.

john clarke johnclarke303 at
Wed Mar 13 12:34:14 EST 2002

I meant as you are driving, the centrifugal force will fling the condensed
moisture to the wheel rim---gravity will suck it to the bottom lip of the
rim when you are parked, there probably is only small droplets so there
isn't enough mass to overcome the surface tension and/or static attraction
to the lip to make it fall over the edge into the tire.  Even if it does,
the wheel surface will have been wetted enought to cause
corrosion--actually, come to think of it, the join between the tire and the
wheel forms a nice little groove for moisture to collect in.  This with the
static charge from rubber rubbing on asphalt, the aluminium in contact with
the steel hub, produces a weak electrochemical cell which will hasten the

Just my theory--this morning is the most thought I've ever given to it.


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>Umm, isn't that force called gravity, and wouldn't the water pool in the
>bottom of the tire when the car is parked.
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> > I guess I should have added that it's the moisture in the compressed air
> > that causes the wheels to corrode--the centrifugal force means any
> > water will migrate to the wheel rim and pool there when the car is

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