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> I heard this flying too low story in Germany. Did this really happen to
> someone you know? It sure sounds like it's just an urban myth.

One always wonders how these stories spread over time.

The VW story was back in 1983 or so, I was coming down the A10/E3 between
Horsens and Aarhus. Just over a hillcrest, and there's a *very* long, and
rather (for Denmark) steep hill - going down toward Aarhus. You can really
fly there. Too bad I was alone - nobody to substantiate the story.

The Manta story was on a stretch of the A10/E3 just North of Randers, going
back in to Aarhus, when the trooper caught us. At least there were 2 of us
in the car, so neither of us can get lulled into thinking it was a dream.

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