Aluminum wheels - slow air leaks

Dave Glubrecht daveglu at
Thu Mar 14 09:10:23 EST 2002

One rare problem I have seen with an aluminum wheel is that it picked up a
rock between the caliper and the wheel.  It pushed the rock into the
aluminum wheel far enough to partially puncture the wheel causing a slow
   Dave G

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Subject: Aluminum wheels - slow air leaks

> keyword: aluminum, wheels, air leak, sealing, corrosion
> My wheels are getting long in the tooth(88 5kq) and I've got a slow leak
> one wheel.
> The tire is ok. I suspect aluminum corrosion on the inside of the wheel at
> the bead area.
> Anybody got some fixes for this?
> I thought of removing the tire and wire brushing the wheel insides. Then a
> fine sanding followed by an aluminum primer. Afterward, paint the inside
> with something to seal and protect the aluminum from corrosion.
> Maybe just a fine polish and wax job on the inside?
> Anyone got any ideas on this?  My tire guy says this is a common problem
> aluminum wheels.
> Syl
> 88 5kq
> 90 100q

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