re-use of connecting rod bolts

james accordino ssgacc at
Thu Mar 14 16:16:13 EST 2002

I'll offer this although it is apples and oranges.  On
small block Chevy engines is used to build I reused
the bolts MANY times.  I turned over 7 grand many
times with a high of 7800 rpm on one engine with no
problems.  They also sell any number of VERY expensive
fasteners for this purpose.  IME, it was something
else that failed before the bolts.  Usually in the top
end.  Valve float is a b*tch.  I can see in NastyCar,
where they're trying to turn 9 maybe 92 hundred for 4
or 5 hundred miles.  Again I'm not saying DO this,
just that I feel like with the quality of the
fasteners in our cars, outright replacement is
foolish.  I thought most con. rod bolts locked on
their own when torqued?

Jim Accordino

--- Ben Swann <bswann at> wrote:
> Question: How critical is it to replace the rod
> bolts?  Doing bearing
> shells and piston rings in' 87 Turbo Quattro.  I ask
> because 1) they are
> very expensive, and 2) I can't get them fast enough.
> Can't you just reuse the existing ones and use
> locktite?
> Ben

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