history repeating itself?(rant)

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 14 16:26:17 EST 2002

Although I do agree common rail is even more
desirable, TDI is not SO bad.  You are right on target
about the sulfur in the diesel.  Cali. is going to
mandate low sulfur.  I'll be VERY interested in seeing
how that goes over.  As for the fuel mileage, you can
forget it.  They just killed the package(yesterday, I
think).  V10 Excursions for everyone!!

Jim Accordino
lusting for an A6 Avant 2.5 TDI(quattro of course)

--- Michael Riebs <AudiV8 at 1stchoicegranite.com> wrote:
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> From: "Brett Dikeman" <brett at cloud9.net>
> > One does wonder..if polls show people really DO
> want efficient cars,
> > and American car makers haven't stepped up to the
> plate, why hasn't
> > Audi, BMW, etc?  All have the TDI technology to
> make it happen,
> > especially VW/Audi.
> First of all, they *have* stepped up to the plate.
> VW entered a rally race with the "Concept One", or
> whatever the new beetle
> really is called, which was run on a bio-diesel
> engine (turbo?), which was
> *really* fast!!
> BMW did something similar. They entered some race
> with 2 identical cars -
> finished 1 & 2, and only *after* the finish was it
> publicized that the #2
> car was run on Diesel.
> Second, TDI is now old hat. The newer, more
> efficient technology is "CDI",
> the "commonrail Diesel".
> The only reason we American's don't know about this
> is either that we don't
> read the latest European auto news, OR we have
> stupid politicians that won't
> make laws to make our Diesel cleaner (fewer
> sulfites), like it is in Europe,
> so that these cars work as well as in Europe, or
> laws that make the high
> mileage mandatory.
> Ever head of the VW Lupo? Remind me again what the
> gas mileage is? 35Km/L ?
> 83MpG?
> Michael Riebs
> Grand Rapids, MI
> '90 V8Q
> '98 A6QA
> www.1stchoicegranite.com

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