[V8] Cooling/ radiator question

Steve Kramer skramer at mac.com
Fri Mar 15 16:22:40 EST 2002

I will be doing the timing belt in the near future - the water pump and the
timing belt were done in 1999.  However, the rollers and pulleys were kept
and not changed out.  So, i can have the water pump done at that time.
Blaufergnugen has one for $250. I have a price from Foreign car Clinic for
$850 for the timing belt/roller/pulleys.  Definitely a better price over
Midtex quote of $2500 !!!!

Aside from that I know that my 200 had the thermostat changed out twice over
the 4 year period I owned it.

 - where is this thermostat ? And what of these sensors.  There is a
sensoror something that connects to the antifreeze inlet at the upper
radiator hose inlet.


Steve Kramer

> From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook at traverse.com>
> Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 16:49:28 -0500
> To: Steve Kramer <skramer at mac.com>
> Subject: Re: [V8] Cooling/ radiator question
> If the fan comes on with the A/C, then the fusible link is OK.  The link is
> in a black box a couple inches square mounted to the same bracket that
> supports the hydraulics reservoir.  It's actually between the reservoir and
> inner fender on the front of the reservoir bracket.
> If that fan's working, your other symptoms sound like a water circulation
> problem, either from a failing water pump (I have no idea how they fail
> other than leaking) or a thermostat that's not opening soon enough.
> At 03:36 PM 03/15/2002 -0600, Steve Kramer wrote:
>> Kneale ,  I will check.  The aux. fan does go on - when I turn on the ac
>> Also I have looked under the hood when it's idling and it hasn't gone off
>> when the car was running - except when I've switched on the ac.
>> Where again is this box - is this the box located behind the driver's side
>> headlamp assembly and before the big rectangular resevoir?
>> Steve Kramer
>>> From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook at traverse.com>
>>> Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 16:00:21 -0500
>>> To: Steve Kramer <skramer at mac.com>, <v8 at audifans.com>,
>> <quattro at audifans.com>
>>> Subject: Re: [V8] Cooling/ radiator question
>>> Do you know whether the electric auxiliary fan also comes on when the
>>> coolant temperature rises, Steve?  There is an 80-amp fusible link mounted
>>> in a little black box on the front of the hydraulic system oil
>>> reservoir.  Take the cover off and be certain the link is intact.  It can
>>> "look" ok, but actually have failed.  They seem to fail regularly.  No
>>> fusible link means the electric fan never runs.
>>> At 02:18 PM 03/15/2002 -0600, Steve Kramer wrote:
>>>> One of the nice selling points for this car over my 89 200 was the more
>>>> straightforward type of cooling system as opposed to the cooling system on
>>>> the 200.
>>>> Having a radiator fan cooling the radiator all the time is nice on the V8.
>>>> However, I am getting the feeling that this engine is running hot.  As to
>>>> not repeat the problems I had with my other car I would like to get your
>>>> opinions.  I either think the water pump is dying or there are some
>> sensors
>>>> that aren't doing their jobs.
>>>> Here's the diagnosis.
>>>> Car runs good. I drive on the highway to get to work. It takes me about 30
>>>> minutes
>>>> As temperature increases - oil starts to thin down.  I find that when
>> I get
>>>> to work my oil pressure/ bar gauge is around 1  Oil temp is at 60 and
>>>> coolant temp is just above middle line at idle.  This is all happening
>> on a
>>>> 50 degree day.
>>>> A typical day I am driving this car at 80mph on the highway for 20 of
>> the 30
>>>> minutes.  Driving at 80 the bar pressure is at 5 and the coolant temp
>> is at
>>>> the middle line.
>>>> The multi function alert system says everything is fine.  No temp
>> warning or
>>>> anything.  I have replaced the upper hose because it had developed a small
>>>> leak.  The other hoses are in good/ fair shape but no leaks.  There is no
>>>> loss in liquid at the expansion tank after I drive.
>>>> Does the V8 typically run hot?  The radiator is cooling the antifreeze
>>>> properly because the radiator feels cool to the touch.  But the engine,
>>>> hoses and coolant are very hot when I turn off the car.  I'm a little
>>>> concerned.  If not the pump are there cooling sensors that are not feeding
>>>> the proper amount of coolant through the engine.  Where are the different
>>>> sensors?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Steve Kramer
>>>> 90V8 q
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