Big Trip raises 4kq questions

Colin Weir cweir at
Fri Mar 15 21:40:56 EST 2002

Hey all,

I just took my '85 4kq from OH to MA this afternoon, a total of 770 
miles. The good news of the trip is that the car ticked over 200k 
miles along the way! I had my camera ready and snapped some shots of 
the odo while cruising up I-76 in Akron. Of course, I wasn't looking 
through the viewfinder, so I hope they come out.

While I was driving the car, I started to get a blinking coolant 
light warning. At first, the light came on rather sporadicly, but by 
the end of the 770 miles, it was on consistantly. In the beginning, 
the light only blinked during hard acceleration and on very steep 
inclines. Of course I stopped to check my coolant and radiator, and 
everything checked out ok. the overflow basin had plenty of coolant, 
and the coolant itself was up to par (as checked by a mechanic). All 
during the trip, the temp gauge gave normal readings. As I assume 
from archive posts, the problem is not coolant at all, but rather my 
multifunction switch. I just wanted to make sure that this seemed 
likely. If it is the switch, what are the implications (besides a 
blinking light)? Should I be able to scrounge up this part easily?

TIA, for all your help.

'85 4kq (200,737m, woo!)

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