Clutch Pedal Clunk Follow Up

Christopher Gharibo cgharibo at
Sat Mar 16 20:37:33 EST 2002

I'd like to follow up on the clutch pedal clunk my '91 CQ developed on the

Decided to explore the issue further today... 

First, I found pieces of a spring on the floor mat. 

Dropped the knee bar and saw that the clutch pedal connects with the cylinder
and a bracket. One of the connections has a "over-center spring" within a
white plastic piece that normally pushes against the clutch pedal. This spring
is broken and therefore the plastic piece has lost its connection to the
clutch pedal. 

When I let go the clutch, the pedal engages the broken spring anyway, but it
can certainly miss it too. I am not sure if there is normally a pin there or
just the spring (now broken) pushes the piece against the clutch.

Looked at album and I intend to buy the following:

Over-center spring 443 721 403C
Lock washer N 900 649 01 

Are there any other parts that I need? Any BTDT in taking out the broken
spring and other pieces that I should replace? I intend to replace the pivot
pins as well.

The car drives fine, but does this damage the transmission/clutch in any way.

Thanks in advance.


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