History repeating itself (NAC)

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Oh dear, George:

>> Nothing is wrong with diesel, but it does contain less energy per gallon
>> than gasoline (which I believe contains the most BTU/gal of any presently
>> readily available fuel source, and the stuff is cheaper than bottled

>Less "energy per gallon"? I must laugh! No, it just takes a bit more doing
>to release that energy.

Actually, BTU's probably vary a bit from blend to blend, but I think a
consensus for 'gasoline' is @115,000 BTU's per gallon, see e.g..,

Diesel, I think the consensus has running @ 138-139,000 BTUs per/gallon, or
roughly about 10% "more" energy potential per gallon than gasoline.

- Helium vs. Hydrogen, come on!  Listen (& apologize) to Bob M. (who must
have just about had a stroke); or apply to Jay Leno for the first available
opening on his next "Jay Walking, Odyssey of the Minds" segment.

- Those neuvo VW engines may be down on "HP" but take a look at the torque
they generate.  At altitude, & slightly "tweaked" with a turbo they will
walk away from a surprising group of cars.  Heck, even not at altitude they
can move..



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