Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Mon Mar 18 01:27:15 EST 2002

Michael Friesen wrote:

>Been looking into headlight upgrades.  Anyone have experience with the H1/H1
>ellipsoid upgrade on a 93-95 90?  Or the RS2 projection upgrade?
What you described there are the same lights! You have three choices 
when it comes to lights for your Audi.#1 is the regular 80 light, one 
single H4 bulb and retains your turn signal/corner light (white lense 
was stock in Europe). #2 is a double unit, uses a H4 for low and high, 
and has an additional H1 bulb high beam closer to the grill. This lamp 
has a corner light, but you must install a custom turnsignal. #3 is the 
RS2 ellipsoid light. It uses an ellipsoid unit with H1 for low beam and 
a regular H1 high beam. This light has the same corner light as the 
H4+H1 dual light, but a custom turn signal is necessary.

I have the regular dual H4+H1 light on my car now, used to have the RS2 
lights for a period. The RS2 light looks better, but the H4+H1 unit has 
better light, especially high beam. 4 bulbs gives 100% more light than 
two bulbs.

My $0.02,

92 Cabrio 2.3E

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