K26 end play spec?

auditude at neta.com auditude at neta.com
Sun Mar 17 18:28:27 EST 2002


What's the limit for shaft end play for a K26?   

I understand there is a spec for end play, but I couldn't find it in the 

I pulled the K26 off the 4kstq project donor MC-1 motor.  I 
discovered some built up radiator stop leak material plugging up 
the water passages, which I broke up and rinsed out..  I'll have to 
replace the bottom water hose, as it is clogged.  

The turbo has a slight amount of end play, but no radial play.  The 
archives make it seem like end play is worse than radial play for a 
turbo, is that correct? 

I dropped off the 2-pc EM to get cryo treated over at Nitro-Tech.  
The guy there said he'd do the turbo and WG too, for an even 
hundred bucks, $75 otherwise.  There was lots of miscellaneous 
car stuff in the freezers (rotors, brake pads, etc.).

I don't know if I should bother cryo-ing the turbo if it has end play.  I 
would rather hold off on doing any of the parts until I knew I had a 
tight turbo.  If I'm going to replace all or part of the turbo, I'd rather 
cryo it after.

Supposedly cryo-ing makes everything run cooler, due to the 
material becoming "more dense".  I don't understand how it could 
become more dense unless it gets dimensionally smaller.  I'll give 
it a shot tho'.



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