4kq center diff failure

Dupree, Jim dupree at alldata.com
Mon Mar 18 10:02:34 EST 2002

I have a 4kq trans that is good. The reason I have one is because my car had
similar symptoms. It growled and vibrated badly.  
It turned out to be the CV joint at the rear output shaft of the trans and
not the trans. I pulled out the prop shaft to the rear diff and put the
exhaust back up and locked the center diff and drove the car that way for
quite awhile until I got the shaft rebuilt. Have your friend check out the
CV joint and if he does indeed have a trans problem I'd be glad to sell the
one I have.


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Hi listers,
I wanted to get some feedback on this issue- a friend of mine has an
'85 4kq with approx. 90k miles on it that is suffering from imminent
center differential failure, as diagnosed by my mechanic. The center
makes a horrible noise according to my friend, that he describes as
like the transmission is about to explode, but only occurs at cold
temperatures. He has changed out the trans fluid to no effect.

Thinking (as does my mechanic) that this is highly unusual, any
on what the cause may have been for the diff to start to destruct?

Due to this, he's looking for a good 4kq transmission w/ center diff.
leads would be appreciated.


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